Since November 1993, CERN is member of the Fibre Channel Association. CERN's representative is Erik van Bij. Within CERN, Erik is Fibre Channel coordinator for the High Speed Interconnect project.

He provides coordination for Fibre Channel projects at CERN and to other High Energy Physics Institutes. This includes providing information via the World Wide Web on Fibre Channel products, specifications and projects at CERN. This web server is used by many people from outside High Energy Physics as well.

Furthermore as FCA member, CERN has organised a Fibre Channel network at the International Conference and Exhibition on High Performance Computing and Networking (HPCN) which was held in Milan, Italy in May 1995.

To ease his job, Erik is interested in receiving up-to-date information on all Fibre Channel products (components, boards, systems and software). This way he can update the web server information and help to make Fibre Channel the Connection to the Future.

For more information about CERN's involvement in Fibre Channel contact:

Erik van der Bij
CERN, European Institute for Particle Physics
(no mail stop necessary)
CH-1211 Geneva 23

Tel: +41 22 767 8645
Fax: +41 22 767 9495

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