Fibre Channel TMS320C4x Comports Interfaces

Fibre Channel interfaces to the TMS320C4x Comports, a communication port found in Texas Instruments Digital Signal Processors, exist from:



The HEVFC40 is a full speed (1063 Mbit/s) Fibre Channel controller, which utilizes a dedicated, on-board TMS320C40 processor. It is intended to be used with Traquairs TIM-40 based hardware systems, as a means of providing access to a high bandwidth communication system, via multiple TMS320C4x Comports. It can be used in conjunction with Traquairs existing TIM-40 motherboard based systems.

Sustained bi-directional transfer rates of 160MBytes/s can be realized, with a peak of 100MBytes/sec in each direction, at transmission distances of over 10Km. Channel performance is maxized using multi-ported RAM between the TMS320C40 processor and the (embedded) Fibre Channel ENDEC. This allows the TMS320C40 to read and write to the Channel using both its Local and Global memory ports.

The HEVFC40 addopts a 6U VME form factor, and can be used directly with 6U VME systems, or indirectly, with ISA, PCI, PC/104, SBus, or Stand-Alone configurations, when mounted within a small desk-top chassis supporting integral power supply and cooling.

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