TURBOstor HF-800P

Full Duplex HiPPI Interface for PCI


The TURBOstor HF-800P HiPPI interface provides a High Performance Parallel Interface (HiPPI) with both source and destination interfaces for DEC 2100 Alpha AXP and other PCI-based computers. The HF-800P is capable of peak data rates of 100 megabytes per second on both source and destination and will sustain 60 megabytes per second.

GENROCO is the premier supplier of high performance storage and network controllers for Digital Equipment Corporation and Sun Microsystems computer platforms. GENROCO manufactures enhanced IPI-2 , fast wide differential SCSI, and HiPPI controllers for TURBOchannel, Futurebus+, PCI, and SBus based computers.

HiPPI is an ANSI standard (X3T9.3/88), very efficient, simplex point-to-point link capable of transfering data over copper twisted-pair cables at up to 800 megabits (100 megabytes) per second for distances of up to 25 meters. Data is transferred in bursts of 1 to 256 32 bit words. One or more bursts make up a packet, while one or more packets make up a connection.

HiPPI interfaces are used primarily as a high speed networked data channel between computer systems and supercomputers. The HF-800P can be used in a full duplex configuration to connect directly to another HiPPI interface, or in conjunction with a HiPPI switch that allows connections between many systems.




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