LynxOS Software


The ATLAS DAQ Prototype-1 project has written a LynxOS library for the SPCIS: Simple PCI to S-LINK interface and the SSPCI: Simple S-LINK to PCI interface. Those drivers have been used and tested in a CES RIO2 environment that uses a PowerPC processor.

The software is a user-level library which maps the interface hardware in user space. It is not a standard LynxOS driver. Therefore only a single copy of the data is necessary. The library uses DMA for the data transfers. Currently interrupts are not used.

It is this library that will be used for the Read-out Buffer software in the ATLAS DAQ Prototype-1 project. The ATLAS TileCal is using it in the Read-out Drivers.




CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Erik van der Bij - 5 May 1999