VxWorks Software


Jean de Kat and his collegues from CEA-Saclay, Dapnia/Sei have written a VxWorks driver for the S-LINK to PMC card. The software has been tested on a Motorola 2604-333MHz-64MB VME processor board. With the SLIDAS as a full-speed data generator, a transfer rate from S-LINK into the Motorola's memory of 82 MByte/sec has been measured. This is largely enough for his MEGACAM telescope application in which the CCD camera data is coming from a SHARC link (max 40 MB/s) before it is transferred over an FCS-LINK to the Motorola processors.

The software is based on the NA48 Linux driver. Only an S-LINK receiver driver has been made.


18 September 1998 VxWorks driver is under development. Based on LINUX S-LINK drivers from NA48 and ORL.
9 July 1999 VxWorks driver working. Tested on Motorola 2604-333MHz-64MB, with SLIDAS 82MB/s for 1KB packets



CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Erik van der Bij - 9 July 1999