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III. Low Energy Physics application

A new gamma spectrometer for low energy heavy ions reactions called EUROBALL has been designed by european physicists working in this field. The spectrometer is composed by a sphere of about 300 hyperpure Ge crystals surrounded by anticompton scintillators to detect with an excellent resolution gamma photons. Ancillary detectors can be added to the spectrometer to characterize also the charged and neutral particles produced in the reaction. The experiment has a very simple multiplicity trigger and is able to produce up to 100 KHz of interesting events. A switching network based on Fibre Channel Standard has been proposed, both as event builder and normal communication network for this experiment. The ECSEC test, in this case, is aimed at measuring the point to point bandwidth and estimating the behavior of the switch when it is loaded (i.e. when several communications are performed at the same time). Moreover, as the readout units, which are based on VME boards, do not support TCP/IP protocols, this test will give an assessment on the functionality and the performances of an available light-weight protocol, viz the Raw Socket protocol.

RD11 - 22 JUN 95
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