CERN GSN Related Reports

GSN Optical: How to solve the problem,
Arie van Praag, CERN, IT, 3 April 2000, CERN/IT-PDP/2000-008.
Parallel Fiber Test Setup.
This is the technical part of original powerpoint slide set
from 1995 that introduced Parallel Fiber technology, as tested at CERN with Hitachy
Beta test material,
to the HIPPI-6400 standardisation.

Potential HEP Applications of a New High Performance Networking Technology,
Arie Van Praag, Ben Segal, ( CERN, IT/PDP/TE, 21 August 1999 ),
Presented at CHEP 2000, Padoua, Italy.

A short introduction to GSN, Arie Van Praag, 28 January 1998.

What is GSN and can it be used for high-energy physics data acquisition?
Arie Van Praag, CERN, ECP, 15 March 1997, CERN/ECP 97-007, update 28 January 1998

GSN Related Reports and Whitepapers from Other Places

Considerations for a Switched WAN Backbone with Congestion Control and Higher Bandwidth,
Stephen Tenbrink, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos.

HIPPI-6400 - New high-speed networking standard, Ad Emmen, Primeur, Vienna, 30-4-97

SuperHIPPI Turns On Power, Erick Von Schweber and Linda Von Schweber, PC Week, January 23, 1998 3:35 PM PST

This is one of the CERN High Speed Interconnect
pages - 18 April 2000 - Arie van Praag