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4.3 Data Transmission

4.3.1 Data Transfer to the LSC

Data transfer to the LSC is based on writing to a FIFO memory. The user provides a free-running clock, UCLK, which shall be present at all times. When data is to be transferred to the LSC, the write-enable line, UWEN#, is set low and the data words are transferred on each subsequent low-to-high transition of UCLK.

Data can only be transferred to the LSC when Link Full Flag (LFF#) line is high. If this line goes low, the S-LINK will be able to receive up to two more data words (this is to allow the user time to react to LFF#). After transferring the extra words, the user should not try to transfer data to the S-LINK or data may be lost. A timing diagram is shown in Figure 2.

FIGURE 2. Data Transfer to the LSC

The S-LINK Interface Specification - 27 MARCH 1997
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