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5.0 Physical Description

5.1 Example Implementations

This Specification is concerned with describing an interface between the user's motherboards and the S-LINK. The implementer of the S-LINK is free to use any physical arrangement desired. For example, one implementation could be to integrate the S-LINK interface into the motherboard as shown in Figure 9.

FIGURE 9. An S-LINK interface integrated into a motherboard

Alternatively, some users may wish to have separate S-LINK cards which are then mounted on the motherboard. If such users have no preferred physical arrangement, it is recommended that they construct the S-LINK cards according to the description given in Section 5.2.

An example of how such an implementation might appear is shown in Figure 10 which shows an S-LINK card mounted on a 6U VME motherboard.

The S-LINK Interface Specification - 27 MARCH 1997
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