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5.0 Physical Description

5.3 Component Height

When fully mated, the CMC connectors leave a gap of 10.00 mm between the S-LINK card component side and the motherboard component side (the two cards mate with the component sides facing). This gap is shared between the two cards in the following way:

1. Up to 110.00, the component height can be 4.70 mm on both the S-LINK card and the motherboard. This leaves a clearance gap of 0.60 mm between component envelopes. Be careful not to foul the S-LINK connector and check that the components do not foul any PMC connectors which may be present on the motherboard.

2. At 110.00 and up to the edge of the card, the entire volume available is given to the S-LINK card. The component height on the S-LINK card can be 9.80 mm. No components are allowed on the motherboard in this region.

Components are permitted on the solder side of the S-LINK card provided that the component height plus card thickness does not exceed 3.50 mm.

This arrangement is shown in Figure 15.

FIGURE 15. Component heights on the S-LINK card

The S-LINK Interface Specification - 27 MARCH 1997
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