Simple S-LINK to PCI interface

Photo of S-LINK to PCI interface
(Circuit no. 680-1110-450) 


The Simple S-LINK to PCI (SSPCI) interface is a short PCI Card that is needed to interface S-LINK Link Destination Cards (LDCs) in a PCI environment. The interface itself is fully compliant to the PCI as well as the S-LINK specification. When the S-LINK LDC is plugged onto the SSPCI, the construction will still use only one PCI slot.

The interface was made with simplicity of design in mind. This has consequences for the ease of programming only. With the integrated DMA, the board can transfer data at the full PMC bus speed which is theoretically 130 MByte/sec.

The Simple S-LINK to PCI interface has Read-out Motherboard (ROMB) functionality, is a duplex implementation, which can handle an LCLK with a frequency up to 33 MHz, having 5 Volt signal levels and a maximum transfer rate of 130 MByte/sec. In S-LINK terms this is coded as a ROMB-D-33-x-5.0-130.

Furthermore the interface features:

As far as the PCI interface goes it features:






CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Erik van der Bij - 12 July 2000