Together with T-Systems SfR, and T-Systems are organizing a two day workshop on
Scalable Global Parallel File Systems at HLRS,
which is one of the major national high performance computing centers in Germany. Also,
HNF Europe
will join this event with their Spring 2003 Meeting. This workshop is to take place in Stuttgart, Germany, on Monday - Tuesday, March 31 - April 1, 2003. For details please refer to the
Workshop Webpage:


October 2002

HNF-Europe is almost at its 8th anniversary, which makes me eight years older than I was in the beginning of this organization and approach my retirement age. I believe that all of us who have paticipated over the years enjoyed many excellent meetings, with presentations at a high technical level. I wish to thank all of you for collaborating with me to make HNF-Europe successful and for the friendship I have received from many of you.

ECMWF at Reading in the UK
and Stuttgart University in Germany

Have kindly offered to organize future HNF-Europe workshops. They have hosted a number of meetings in the past and in particular for this year's meetings have done a large part of the organization already. I am confident that HNF-Europe is in good hands.

Best regards

Arie van Praag

HNF-Europe at ECMWF

HNF-Europe & SGFS Workshop


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11 October 2002: Workshop at ECMWF in Reading UK




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26 - 27 September 2001: 4th High Performance Networking Workshop


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15 September 2000: 3rd High Performance Networking Workshop


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15 October 1999: Visit of an Israeli Delegation to the GSN Demonstration.

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Article Tribune de Geneve. ( 12 - 10 - 1999 )
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( 42/99; 26 October 1998 )
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13 October 1998: A Photo Reportage of the GSN workshop at CERN
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Agenda of the EHUG meeting at CSCS in Lugano

Minutes of the HIPPI Symposium at HPCN 1997 in Vienna

Minutes of the EHUG meeting of 1996 in Stuttgart:

During the "HPCN 95" conference in May 1995 in Miland a user group was founded around
a number of HIPPI users. It started under the name
"European High performance networking User Group" (EHUG) with the idea to organised a yearly meeting with presentations and demonstrations around high performance networking.

In order to have a name that corresponds with the mother organisation HNF and in accordance with the HNF Board of directors it was decided in 1999 to change the name to HNF-Europe.

HNF-Europe now to day has around 70 members on its mailing list.

HNF EUROPE information will be distributed in the following way.

It will be included
on this page.

It will be send
using the HIPPI server

It will be send using the
HNF Europe mailing list


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