Fibre Channel Courses


The Fibre Channel (FC) specifications are really difficult to understand. There are also many documents both from ANSI and from the Fibre Channel Systems Initiative that all have to be understood before one can build hardware or write software drivers. Following a course can thus be very helpful.

Courses on Fibre Channel are given by the following companies:


Ancot is offering a three day comprehensive course, focusing on all aspects of Fibre Channel. The course is designed to walk you gently through the FC standard and practical aspects of it's implementation. The first two days covers architecture, FC-0 through FC-4 levels, and topologies. The third day is dedicated to FC-FCP protocol (mapping SCSI-3 to FC) and to FC-AL (Arbitrated Loop).

Contact: Jan Dedek, Ancot Corporation, Tel: +1 415 322 5322, Fax: +1 415 322 0455, E-mail: 

Fibre Channel Association (FCA)

The Fibre Channel Association organises regularly courses. The courses go to a deep level and are useful for design engineers.

The FCA also sells a booklet called "Fibre Channel, connection to the future" and a Fibre Channel Reference Card (PostScript, 670 KB) that can be helpful.

They have as well a video tape that meets the requirements for most product planners, design engineering technical introductions, as well as analyst and general press interests. A workbook accompanies the video tape. An errata list for the video and the workbook is available. Furthermore a CD-ROM is available with a general overview of Fibre Channel and a product directory.

CERN owns a copy of the video tape. Anyone within CERN can borrow the tape and workbook by contacting Erik van der Bij.

Contact: Fibre Channel Association

Fibre Channel Group

Offered by a team of industry professionals with expertise in the business, marketing, and development and technological aspects of Fibre Channel, the Fibre Channel Group seminars are intended to provide participants with the information and tools necessary to develop Fibre Channel products, markets and businesses.

The Fibre Channel Group gives, among others, the following courses:

For more information, please take a look at the Fibre Channel Group web pages.

Fibre Channel Group is a Registered Trademark of The Fibre Channel Group.

Contact: Fibre Channel Group, Mountain View, CA; Tel: 1-800-990-0955, Fax: +1415-712-1986, E-m: 

Infinity CommStor

Part of the Infinity CommStor team is dedicated to meeting training and standards clarification needs. This includes all aspects of AIX Device Driver training, TCP/IP internetworking, and the Fibre Channel ANSI standard. This is a cost effective method to tap Infinity CommStor's vast experience and knowledge.

Contact: Infinity CommStor, LLC., Austin, Texas 78750; Tel: +1 (512) 349-0300; Fax: +1 (512) 349-0304; Email: 

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