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Fibre Channel products include quite some software, such as SCSI drivers, IP drivers and management software. Writing this software, or optimising it for maximum performance, requires a profound knowledge of the various protocols, bus systems and protocol chips. If you don't have the required skills in house, or need a helping hand, you could either follow a course, or make use of a specialised company.

The following company is offering development and consulting expertise:

The following company offers hardware that may help software and hardware development: The following company has Applications Software/Services:

Infinity CommStor

Infinity CommStor, LLC. develops a broad range of Fibre Channel software products for OEMs and end-users. Infinity's FC-2 SDK provides a compliant ANSI standard FC-PH Rev 4.3 implementation for device drivers and embedded firmware. The source code can be used for reference or compiled and linked to enhance your Fibre Channel product solution.

Furthermore Infinity CommStor can provide many services such as device driver architecture design, consulting, coding, optimising and debugging, device driver coding for AIX, UNIX, PC OS's and NOS's, verification of Fibre Channel standard compliance for chipsets, adapters, and subsystems.

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Interface Solutions Group


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I960 Microprocessor PCI I/O Software Development Kit (PCI-SDK) with Fibre Channel I/O Interface Module (SQFC)

Intel's i960 Microprocessor PCI I/O Software Development Kit is a low-cost, fully scaleable development kit. The PCI-SDK features interchangeable Intel i960 processor modules, interchangeable I/O interface target modules, and a standard software development platform with PLX Technology's PCI 9060 ( a PCI to 80960 bus bridge chip). The kit also includes a complete set of software development tools and related documentation to enable improved development time.

The Fibre Channel I/O Module is a robust ANSI standard Fibre Channel I/O interface module connecting to the PCI-SDK. It features support for Gigabit link rates (1.0625 Gbaud), all Fibre Channel topologies: Arbitrated Loop, Switched and Point-to-Point; and all classes of service: Class 1, 2, 3, and Intermix. In addition the module supports TCP/IP and SCSI mapping to Fibre Channel. The Fibre Channel I/O module greatly reduces the development time of Fibre Channel software applications by providing a software target.

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Applications Software/Services

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