HIPPI and Serial-HIPPI applications at CERN are mostly found in High Energy Physics experiments and can range from simple data transport vehicles up to very complicated data acquisition installations in the big experiments. The different reports in this page give an overview of this activities.


HIPPI Developments for CERN experiments. Arie van Praag et all., CERN/ECP 91-28 ( HTML Version )
HIPPI Developments for CERN experiments. Arie van Praag et all., CERN/ECP 91-28 ( Acrobate .PDF Version )
Paper presented at IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium and Medical Imaging Conference 1991 in Santa Fe.
Published in IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science Vol. 39 Num. 4 Aug 1992

Overview of the use of the PCI bus in present and future high energy physics data acquisition systems (HTML Version)
Paper presented at the PCI Week Conference in 1995 in Santa Clara, California USA, 27-31 March
CERN/ECP 95-4, 3 January 1995.
Also availlable as
Postscript File ( 350 KB )

Testing HIPPI Switch Configurations for Event Building Applications. (HTML Version)
Arie Van Praag, Ralf Spiwoks, Robert van der Vlugt, CERN/ECP 96-15 (18 September 1995)

PCI-HIPPI Interface Modules. T.Anguelov et all. INRNE CERN, CERN/ECP 96-14 ( HTML Version )

Evaluation and Simulation of Event Building Techniques for a Detector at LHC.
Ralf Spiwoks, Dortmund University, October 1995, (These)


  1. NA48 data distribution
  2. L3: Lightweight Transport Protocol

DRDC Projects

  1. Note 70 Studies on RIO/HIPPI based Event Building
  2. Note 83 Evaluation of the CES HIPPI interfaces into the RD13 system
  3. Note 129 The HIPPI/D firmware for the RD13 EB System Prototype (DstFmw)
  4. Note 130 User library for the RD13 DstFmw
  5. EAST94-04-HIPPI. HIPPI for detector data transmission: experience in the field

Other Projects

  2. HPCN 94 HIPPI demonstration Network ( article from SUPERCOMPUTER WATCH EUROPE )
  3. HPCN 95 HIPPI Fibre Channel Demonstration Network ( proposed version )

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