IEEE 1355

CERN is involved in the development and testing of the IEEE 1355 standard through its participation in the MACRAME and ARCHES European Union sponsored Esprit Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative (OMI).

Further details concerning IEEE 1355 can be found at the IEEE 1355 Association web site. Additional pages are available for the MACRAME and ARCHES projects which are maintained by the project partners.

These projects, togther with the OMI HIC project , , have been a major driving force in the development of high speed DS and HS links and routers.

IEEE 1355 is being applied in R&D carried out for the LHC ATLAS experiment.

The research activities in these programs have produced demonstration and validation techniques that could have application outside the research domain. It is Cern's policy to make such technology available to industrial partners.

CERN is also carrying out research into Ethernet switching within the framework of the ARCHES project and ATLAS experiment.

Technical papers and products

DS link technology
HS link technology

Reports and publications of work carried out by CERN



Results from "Benchmarking Communication Systems for Trigger Applications" for the GPMIMD machine, a DS link based machine using T9000 processors: html version

More information on IEEE 1355

For more information on IEEE 1355 contact the 1355 Association.

People working on IEEE 1355 at CERN

Here is a list of people working on IEEE 1355 within MACRAME and ARCHES at CERN along with contact information.