The Application of the T9000 Transputer to the CPLEAR experiment at CERN

R. Heeley, M.P. Ward and S. Fisher
CERN and The University of Liverpool, Liverpool, England

R.W. Dobinson and W. Lu
CERN, Geneva, Switzerland

D.J. Francis
Physics Department, Boston University, Boston, Mass., USA


As part of the ESPRIT GP-MIMD project a network of 54 prototype T9000 Transputers has been integrated into the data acquisition system of the CPLEAR experiment at CERN to perform on-line event filtering. Initial experience with T9000s and their interconnection using C104 packet routing chips is presented together with performance measurements and prospects for the future.

(Submitted to Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research)

1 - Introduction
2 - The T9000 Transputer
3 - The C104 Packet Router
4 - The T805 System
5 - T805 to T9000 Interface
6 - The T9000 Farm
6.1 - Development history of the T9000
6.2 - Porting of CPREAD to the T9000
6.3 - Hosting T9000 systems
6.4 - The SN9400 configuration
6.5 - The GPMIMD machine
6.6 - On-line monitoring
6.7 - Communication requirements
7 - Communication Measurements
8 - Results
9 - Projections And Summary

Application of T9000 to CPLEAR - 09 NOV 95

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