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HIPPI Related CERN Reports

HIPPI Developments for CERN experiments. Arie van Praag et all., CERN/ECP 91-28 ( HTML Version )
HIPPI Developments for CERN experiments. Arie van Praag et all., CERN/ECP 91-28 ( Acrobate .PDF Version )

Overview of the use of the PCI Bus in Present and Future High Energy Physics Data Acquisition Systems
( HTML Version ).Arie van Praag et. all, CERN Geneva, CERN/ECP 95-4, 3 January 1995.

Testing HIPPI Switch Configurations for Event Building Applications. ( HTML Version )
Arie Van Praag, Ralf Spiwoks, Robert van der Vlugt, CERN/ECP 96-15 (18 September 1995)

PCI-HIPPI Interface Modules. T.Anguelov et all. INRNE CERN, CERN/ECP 96-14 ( HTML Version )

Evaluation and Simulation of Event Building Techniques for a Detector at LHC.
Ralf Spiwoks, Dortmund University, October 1995, ( These )

HIPPI Related reports Outside CERN

HIPPI: It's Not Just for Supercomputers Anymore

This was the fifth in an ongoing series on high-speed LAN technologies. Earlier articles have addressed 100VG-AnyLAN (see "100 VG-AnyLAN: The Other Fast Ethernet," March 1995), Fibre Channel (see February 1995), FDDI (see December 1994), and Fast Ethernet (see November 1994).

HIPPI and Gigabit Networking Technology Overview ( An excellent comparison between networking technologies and applications faster than Fast Ethernet )

Other Interesting non commercial HIPPI information

LANL Advanced Networking Projects
MAGIC Document Archive: HIPPI Documents from Minnesota Supercomputer Center
High Performance Parallel Interface (HIPPI), Final Report. Mauro Baquero
HIPPI in Detail from the Technical University Berlin
ATM, FibreChannel, HIPPI, Serialbus, SCI/LAMP, a comparison between different standards by Dave Gustavson
NCSA HIPPI Von Welch, May 24, 1996.
HIPPI Error Detection Whitepaper, Bill Bullers & Steve Krekeler, June 1997.

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