Simplex G-LINK S-LINK Cards


Simplex G-LINK Link Destination Card


To test the usability of the Hewlett Packard G-LINK for use as a front-end link for the LHC detectors, simplex G-LINK transmitter and receiver cards have been made. Those cards use the HP HDMP-1022 and HDMP-1024 chips, the 5 Volt version of the G-LINK.

The cards originally were designed for the PLD irradiation test project from Zoltan Meggyesi. Other radiation measurements of the Link Source Card will be done by Peter Denes from Princeton University and Jim Pilcher from the University of Chicago who received prototypes of the LSC and LDC.

A normal, full-speed (40 MHz) 16-bits, or half speed 32-bits simplex S-LINK has been built with those cards as well and can be considered as a radiation tolerant front-end link design (without any guarantees though).

The cards are not commercially available. Please contact Erik van der Bij if you would like to use those cards in testbeams.

Main features



December 1998 Link Destination Card debugged
March 1999 Link Source Card debugged
23 July 1999 S-LINK version made out of it

Radiation Measurements

March 1999 Zoltan Meggyesi's test setup installed in SPS test beam, results will be available in June 1999
July 1999 Zoltan Meggyesi has made radiation tests in PSI, the Paul Scherrer Institut Switzerland
November 1999 Jim Pilcher and K. Anderson of TileCal have made radiation tests at NIST, Maryland
January 2000 ATLAS LArg publishes final results of their tests made in 1999



CERN - High Speed Interconnect - S-LINK
Erik van der Bij - 22 December 2000