Fibre Channel Manufacturers

On this page you can see which hardware products each manufacturer has, or has announced. For all of those products you can find extra information on the Fibre Channel web pages from CERN. This list does not include companies that provide cables, optical and electrical drivers, Electrical/Optical cable converters, FC-0/FC-1 chips, courses or software services.


  1. Adaptec
  2. Advanced Storage Concepts
  3. Amdahl
  4. Ancor Communications
  5. Arcxel Technologies
  6. ATTO Technology
  7. ANCOT Corporation
  8. Box Hill
  9. Brocade
  10. Carlo Gavazzi
  11. Ciprico
  12. CLARiiON
  13. Compaq
  14. Cray Research
  15. Crossroads Systems
  16. C-STAR
  17. Digital Equipment Corp
  18. Distributed Processing Technology (DPT)
  19. DY 4
  20. EMC
  21. Emulex
  22. Eurologic Systems
  23. Finisar Corporation
  24. Fujikura
  25. Gadzoox
  26. Genroco
  27. Gore
  28. Hewlett Packard
  29. IBM
  30. Interphase
  31. I-Tech
  32. Jaycor Networks Inc
  34. Lextel
  35. LSI Logic
  37. McDATA
  38. Meltek
  39. Methode Electronics
  40. Myriad Logic
  41. OneofUs
  42. Performance Technologies
  43. Prisa Networks
  44. Processor Systems
  45. QLogic
  46. Quantum
  47. Raidtec
  48. Seagate
  49. Siemens
  50. Storage Concepts
  51. Storage Dimensions
  52. Storagepath
  53. Sun
  54. Symbios
  55. Systran
  56. Tektronics
  57. Transoft
  58. Traquair
  59. Trimm Technologies
  60. UNISYS
  61. Vitesse
  62. Vixel
  63. Xyratex

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Processor Systems

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Quantum (home page)

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Storage Concepts (home page)

Storage Dimensions (home page)

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Sun (home page)

Symbios (home page)

Systran (home page)


Transoft (home page)

Traquair (home page)

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UNISYS (home page)

Vitesse (home page)

Vixel (home page)

Xyratex (home page)

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